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Smart Charge

smartcharge With the advancement of technology in the automotive industry, and the increase of electrical accessories, other aspects of the automobile have had to change to keep up. These include things such as the charging system and the battery.

The latest in battery construction technology known as Calcium-Calcium has dominated the market in recent years. This battery construction replaces the antimony on both the negative and positive plates with calcium alloy. The benefits are the fluid loss of the battery is about 80% lower than that of antimony batteries and the self-discharge is lower. This means they can remain unused for longer periods without losing a lot of their charge. The disadvantage is however that they are more demanding when charging if they have been over-discharged. This can lead to problems when trying to recover an over-discharged battery.

This is where Smart Charge comes in. With Smart Charge attached to your battery it will keep it conditioned and prevent discharging when your vehicle is left unused for a long peroid of time.

Smart Charge can be used inconjunction with wide range of applications including vintage and classic cars, ATV's, marine, motor cycles or your spare run-around.

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