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Rebuilt ECU - The digital revolution in the automotive industry hasn't bypassed the workshop. Increasingly more complicated vehicle components and their network systems are turning vehicles into a 'mobile computer'.

The heart of the modern fuel injection system is the electronic control module, and it is normally the most expensive individual component. We offer rebuilt units at prices substantially lower than a replacement unit.


Starters - My car won't turnover - do I need a new starter? You may, however the problem could be one of four different issues...

Battery run down or defective ignition switch. A short in the wiring system. Defective solenoid or starter.
The solenoids on these units are an integral part and it is advisable to replace the complete unit. All units are subjected to thorough testing procedures to ensure the best quality control.


Alternators - The red light has appeared on my dashboard, do I need a new alternator? Not necessarily! There are four common reasons why this can happen particularly on late model vehicles, it is essential that the battery is fully charged before testing the alternator for defects. Modern vehicles are equipped with an internal regulator therefore it is wise to replace the complete alternator-regulator unit. All our units are re-manufactured and tested for reliability.


Smart Charge - With technology advancement in the automotive industry and the increase of electrical accessories, other aspects of the automobile also need to advance to accommodate this. These include things such as the charging system and the battery.

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Pantera Vehicle Enhancements

Retro services that are offered by AES are:

  • Recaro child seating
  • Parking sensors
  • Reversing cameras & GPS units
  • Bluetooth
  • Tyre pressure monitors

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